Gemstone Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Gemstone Lights offers a wide array of awesome patterns, however, architectural lighting is a top favorite of all Gemstone Light users!

With our app (iOS & Android) system, you can control any bulb with commands to turn on and off using our app. The ideas are endless to create that special architectural any look you desire.

Just think, you can replace your pot lights with Gemstone Lights and save money with more efficient lights!

For those homeowners who have a story home, you now have a way to show your upper peaks off. This will give your home the full attention it deserves.

Christmas Lights

Do you get tired of buying lights every other year because they turn out to be faulty or you get bored of them?

What if there was a way to hang lights once and never ever get bored of them?

We hear from customers about how they love the endless options to create many looks using Christmas lights colors. The added feel of using lights that will last you many, many years gives peace of mind knowing your investment is worth every penny.

Whether you want to create the candy cane look or the typical red, green and white look, you can do it all. Now that you have the colors ready, you can use one of the many motion patterns to really liven up your house in the festive season. It surely will get your neighbors looking at your mesmerizing patterns every time you light up your home!

Halloween Lights

Halloween is such an awesome event to dress up. How about dressing up your home with permanent LEDs that you can use every year!

Whether you want to create a ghost pattern or something dark and spooky- you can do it all with Gemstone Lights.

National Holiday Lights

The Gemstone Lighting system allows for lots of creativity. This is why we built it!

If you support the USA Independence Day- you can show off your pride with vibrant colors and motion! The only thing missing is fireworks, BBQ and family and friends! You've got the lights covered with Gemstone Lights!

If you celebrate Canada Day, or any other national holiday, what better way to get into the spirit than by showing off your true colors on your home or business?

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