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Halloween Lights

Halloween is such an awesome event to dress up. How about dressing up your home with permanent LEDs that you can use every year! Whether you want to create a ghost pattern or something dark and spooky- you can do it all with Gemstone Lights.

Services We Provide

  • Custom Closets


Do you get tired of buying lights every other year because they turn out to be faulty or you get bored of them? What if there was a way to hang lights once and never ever get bored of them? We hear from customers about how they love the endless options to create many looks using Christmas lights colors. The added feel of using lights that will last you many, many years gives peace of mind knowing your investment is worth every penny. Whether you want to create the candy cane look or the typical red, green and white look, you can do it all. Now that you have the colors ready, you can use one of the many motion patterns to really liven up your house in the festive season. It surely will get your neighbors looking at your mesmerizing patterns every time you light up your home!

Flood LightLighting

Transform your home with Gemstone Landscape Lights™. The perfect lighting can completely upgrade any property; light up the yard to celebrate the holiday, support a favourite sports team, or create better accent lighting! Use our landscape light as a stand-alone feature or expand your current system capabilities by adding more.

Using the Gemstone Lights Hub app, control your lights from a single app on your mobile device or tablet. What does that mean for you? Unrivaled connection and customization, no matter where you are!

The app allows you to adjust your lights' brightness, hue, color, and mode with just a few taps on your phone. Suddenly you can set the mood for any occasion from across the room or when you're away.


Great customer service! And the service man was on point. Took pictures before and after and took his time to explain the problems and the different options available. I am very happy with they job theyve done! I'll only use them moving forward.

- Jim Clarke

Great service, easy to deal with and quality craftsmanship. I recommend this company.

- Mark Lynn

The owner went above and beyond. We've had a couple quotes from competitors and Honest Roofing and Siding was still a better price.

- Dave Carey